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Hidden Gems of Santorini, Greece

Santorini is one of the most celebrated islands in Greece, its white homes are topped with blue roofs – creating an iconic symbol like no other. A peaceful, beautiful, and charming place where you can eat fresh at the local cafes, and restaurants, watch the sunset with a glass of wine and some freshly baked bread, enjoy traditional home and practices when walking through the streets, taking in the villagers natural setting, and so much more.


One of the most common mistakes people make is to consider that Santorini is a small island. When in fact it’s best to rent a car or an AV to get around Santorini. Taking in different views and experiences the place has to offer. To help you uncover the best of Santorini we have listed down a few hidden gems you must uncover when in Santorini.



When looking for some silence and serenity head to Pyrgos Village. The place is filled with more locals than tourists and carries a calmer sense of mind. Here you will find families heading to work, from work, or just around getting things done. Kids heading to their piano lessons, cats walking around the streets, and others just simply enjoying the simple pleasures life has to offer. Walking around Pyrgos you will feel you have found heaven on earth.


Amoudi Bay

While most tourists are busy partying on the beaches, we suggest you hire a mode of transportation and head to Amoudi Bay. located near Oia the place offers a good seafood range and even a little thrill for adventure lovers. Jump off the cliff into cold blue water, and swim around in the ocean as a free soul.


Cinema Kamari

An open-air cinema where you can enjoy a nice movie at the end of the day. On a warm summer night, there is nothing better than enjoying some entertainment with a glass of wine, cold ocean breeze, and some snacks. You can get here by bus, as the station is located across from the cinema’s entrance.



Santorini has been famous for its wines since Roman times. The wine is made using distinct grapes and is taken from grapes grown in volcanic soil. Today, more than one-sixth of the island is dedicated to wine production. When in Megalochori you can take part in the winemaking process by crushing some grapes, or just take in the way the luscious wine is made. When looking to enhance your experience we suggest you take a walk down the wine route and discover other wineries along the way.


Sleep in A Cave

In the beginning homes were carved into the volcanic rim or on dry river banks. This helped protect the locals from cold Meltemi winds and even harsh summer heat. What was once a necessity is not a functional lodge you can enjoy. Decorated to offer you complete comfort the lodges are a great place to spend the night.



It’s time to take in Santorini’s history, and view the remains that were once-buried in the Minoan city. Dating back to the 4th millennium BC, the display comes with extensively explained planks that enhance your knowledge and experience.


Hiking Trail

While you will find endless modes of transportation, an experience you will never forget is the hiking trail between Oia & Fira. This eight-mile-long hiking trail takes about 2.5 hours to 5 hours to finish. Depending on how many breaks you take, and how fast you walk. The path was created by an explosion that erupted more than 3,600 years ago. Allowing you to take in every inch of beauty Santorini holds and is rounded by, creating a memory that will last forever.



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