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Top Places To Visit In Skiathos, Greece

A Sporades Island that comes with pine forests, sandy beaches, and enjoyable nightlife. A great choice for visitors who are looking for a quick dip in the ocean, and take in scenic views. Letting all their troubles wash away in the crystal clear water. To ensure you get a complete experience we have listed down the top places to visit when in Skiathos.


Koukounaries Beach

Surrounded by lush green pine trees the beach is home to two forest headlands and a small salt-water wetland. Its silky smooth 1200meter long beach highlights blonde sand and offers the most sparkling clean water seen in the area. Here you will find endless sunbeds, beach bars, and even a range of water sports for you to enjoy.



About 9km north you will sound a dramatic rocky island known as the Kastor ruins. Fortified as a pirate proof capital from when it was in power in 1540, to the time it was abandoned in 1829., when the town was at its peak it was home to more than 500 residential homes, and 20 churches. Now, most of the city sits in the dust, while the restored ruins include the old cannon, several water tanks, a Turkish Era mosque, and four churches. The churches include the 17th century Christos and even showcases some stunning frescoes.


Moni Evangelistrias

The historic monastery is set on a triple domed church and dates back to the 18th century. It was back in 1807 when we saw the first Greek flag rise on its rooftop. What eas once a refuge from freedom fighters is now a fully functional monastery. Most monks take on heavy tasks such as wine-marmalade, and olive oil production. One of the busiest spaces there is the gift shop where you can easily purchase wine and olive presses. Additionally, you can enjoy the museum’s display of documents, and antique furniture from the Balkan Wars. Once your tour ends you can head to the cafe beside the vineyard and enjoy some delicious foods with a scenic view.



A soothing background that consists of lush green views and musical mindless. Paired with olive oil and cheese baskets that will blow you away. The restaurant offers a standout menu that ranges from avocado-chicory salads to mushroom stuffed ravioli, to grilled meats, to vegan mousakas which are layers or baked vegetables. Paired with good Greek wines you will find freshly baked bread and elegant delights.


Skiathitiko Spiti

Showing off heirlooms passed on for generations this stone-walled museum has been holding strong for years to come. Transformed into a two-floor museum that flows well than most homes. The museum is run by the Papadopoulos family and is open to every visitor who is interested in local history and culture. Once you have gone through the house you are offered a glass of wine in the back garden, where you can stand and take in all that the place has to offer.



Another spot you cannot miss is the local deli, offering your firm flavored coffee and internal breakfast options with a Greek twist. Here you can find poached eggs with Greek yogurt, Skopelos cheese pie, omelets stuffed with local cheese, and so much more. This beautifully designed deli offers a modern ambiance and even sells olive oils, Greek wines, ouzo, and other delicious choices.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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