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Top Places To Visit in Greece

Top Places To Visit in Greece


No list in the world can capture every place you must visit in Greece, as apart from the mainland Greece is home to gorgeous islands – each one significant in its way. So while there are endless places to visit on the mainland, you can then hop on to a ferry or flight to check out what the islands have to offer.


However, we have tried to list down the most places you should visit when in Greece, and leave the next for another trip. As you want to take in all that the city has to offer rather than speeding through experiences and places that might not be a possibility next time.



One of the world’s most known islands, which was once a hidden gem is now a diamond of Aegean. Every year thousands of people from all around the world make their way to Santorini to take in one of the most gorgeous island experiences known to mankind. It’s endless beautify, exceptional charm and unbelievable experiences make the island your first choice when in Greece. Here you can do anything from dipping in the turquoise blue water, enjoy one of the world’s top sunsets, sip on local wine as you take in the views, and so much more.



Nafplio is a production of various cultures, as it has overseen different rules that made it what Nafplio is today. What was once a playground of the wealthiest of Athens is now a spot you shouldn’t miss. The island showcases historical marks from the Ottomans, Byzantines, Venetians, and others that over the years settled in this small yet mighty metropolis. A patriotic and friendly island that packs endless history and stunning charm.



Another beautiful island towards the northwest of the coast. The island brings you a rich culture, endless heritage, and some of the most stunning views in Greece. Its gorgeous beaches make Corfu a must-visit place in Greece. The place to be when looking for some peace and quiet as you relax on isolated beaches and enjoy the windy coasts.



A short bus or drive away from Heraklion, you will find the ruins of Knossos. A charming aspect of the bronze age that was once home to the Minoan civilization. They dominated the region for more than 5000 years and left a mark on history and the space for you to take in. Here you will find the best ruins of the bronze age and are an incredible site you should visit.



When looking to experience some Greek nightlife then you cannot go wrong with Zakynthos. One of the most beautiful views in the Mediterranean showing off white sand, turquoise waters, gorgeous cliffs and so much more. The signature beauty found here is not replicated anywhere else, making it the most photographed island in Greece.



There are only a handful of cities in the world that you should visit twice, and Athens makes the cut. Boosting with history and bustling with culture Athens is the birthplace of democracy. A key piece in the birth of Western civilization that has been stretched across for decades. Here you will find the old and the new, making sure you get the best of both worlds. As you walk through the ruins that once were, you look at the city that has come forward since. Covering some of the powerful historic places, it showcases all that Greece has to offer.



Located near the coast of Turkey is Rhodes, a recent discovery that is now bustling with tourists. Rhodes is the place for all backpackers to the rich, as it offers some aspects that are hard to find. Here you can swim in the ocean or in history. Its beautiful towns, archaic history, and pristine beaches are just the beginning. It is a place where you will find many luxury hotels and even hostels that let you crash for practically nothing.



A unique stop that will stop time the second you step on its grounds. Home to one of the most spectacular Orthodox churches, Meteora is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a double status. There are two different heritage status for Meteora, one is given to its nature, and the second one for the art it carries. Imagining enjoying the best of art and nature in a small well-knit community, something that will not only leave an impact but change you forever.



A destination that history buffs will love! Delphi is a religious center from ancient times and is still one of the most visited places in Greece. Set on the sloppy mountain Parnassus, the ruins were once considered as a source of communication with the Oracle. Everyone from kings to peasants made their way to the ruins to find a glimpse of direction. As you take a stroll amongst the ruins you will find yourself walking back in time.



Set in the center of Aegean, it is known for its stunning beaches, extended coastlines, and breathtakingly beautiful seaside villages. Rich in traditions and organic to its core the island is a great getaway for a true Greek experience. Surrounded by lush green pine trees and rock shorelines it offers you nature’s finest settings.



The birthplace of the Olympic Games is a top place to visit when in Greece, as it shows you how the Olympic games came to be, and what made them what they are today. Even now before the fire is lit in the Olympic games, it is lit in Olympia. UNESCO accredited monuments are the best-preserved sites, along with the Greek Temples. Dedicated to the gods such as Hera and Zeus allows us to see how deep history runs through Olympia.



Home to the best beaches in Greece, the island is famous for its nightlife and parties. A travelers hub that is always on the go, and partying till they drop. Here you will find crystal clear water and white sandy beaches that are full of life. With more than 60 beaches, hiking trails, and rolling pine forests there is no other place like Skiathos.



Considered to be one of Greece’s best-kept secrets, Halkidiki offers spectacular stretches of sand; while offering you a perfect balance between archaic traditions and modern luxury. Split into three fingers that lay down beautifully to create mysterious islands. Here you will find endless resorts, hotels, and restaurants that offer you the best. While keeping Greece traditions in mind the space creates an ambiance that speaks for itself.



A city that dominates all the legends and myths of Greece. The walls of Mycenae were considered to be the highest and said to be created by the Cyclops. Originally the city came before Greece and is fueled by stories of Troy. The most famous ruler to rule over the land was King Agamemnon. Moreover, it becomes hard to set the myths aside from its 3500-year-old history, as they are so finely rooted that it’s hard to tell them apart.



An underrated location that holds great power in its tiny setting. This little island is dedicated to the medieval ages and brings your funky accommodations, stunning beaches, and amazing restaurants. A great place for those looking to have some lowkey fun and simply enjoy a drink or two without the hustle and bustle of a huge crowd.


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