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Top Attractions in Thessaloniki

Top Attractions in Thessaloniki


Thessaloniki, mostly referred to as Salonica carries a rich cosmopolitan culture, a friendly ambiance, and touches of big city life – while keeping the charm of a small town. Offering you endless choice when it comes to stunning architecture and history. A mini Athens without the overcrowded streets to ensure you get a delightful multi-ethnic experience that has been influenced by various civilizations from the Romans, Ottoman Turks, and Venetians.


What makes Thessaloniki a great choice apart from the obvious is its top-rated restaurants and finest culinary fares. Along with great food, the city offers you a music scene like no other with live performances and concerts held around the year. To help you get started on the top attractions, we have listed down the places you must visit when in Thessaloniki.


Archeological Museum

Covering Macedonia’s prehistoric time, Hellenistic Era, and the Roman periods; in a well laid down space. Offering you great archaeological discoveries that help piece together the main and even small events that lead to where Greece is today.


White Tower

This 34m high tower is an iconic landmark and comes with a harrowing history. A place where the guilty were imprisoned and executed by the Ottomans during the 15th Century. The white tower was where Sultan Mahmud II massacred the rebellious janissaries. An old tale states that the tower was called the tower of blood until a prisoner painted it white to achieve liberty.


New Waterfront

The new waterfront is living proof that well-planned architecture can help improve urban life. To a point where the new waterfront received a number of awards. A 3.5km walkway leads to the White Tower, and even the Thessaloniki Concert Hall.


Byzantine Culture

A fascinating choice that treasures many Byzantine pieces, offering simple explanations it helps set the Byzantine culture into perspective. Covering about 3000+ Byzantine objects including mosaics, icons, glassware, intriguing tomb paintings, and so much more.


Monastery of Vlatadon

Founded back in 1351, a secluded monastery that brings you a blend of history and phenomenal views of the city. Listed as a UNESCO world heritage site the monastery offers a surreal setting with an ancient church, aviary filled with peacocks, and lush green grounds.


Rotunda of Galerius

Back in AD 306, Galerius ordered a 30-meter high dome, possibly to become his mausoleum. As it marked the arrival of Christianity as the Religion followed by the Empire. Making the Rotunda the first Church, which was later converted into a mosque by the Ottomans, and is considered a sacred and secular space since the Greeks took over in 1912.


Thessaloniki Concert Hall

Designed by a Japanese architect the concert hall features two waterfront buildings. Creating a stunning impact raised by its contemporary structure. Showing off spectacular geometrical skills with the help of stone, glass, and steel. Allowing endless sea views and natural light to pass through the concert hall.



The Kastra castle features panoramic views from its easter tower. Built-in the late 4th century BC the castle once showcased walls that were 5 meters thick and 10 meters high. They were held tightly in place before the 19th century arrived and the ottomans decided to demolish great chunks of the wall to take in the sunset view.


Once you have covered the list above, and still have time we suggest you head to the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, Roman Forum, Villa Bianca, Church of Agia Sofia, Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki, Church of Panagia Acheiropoietos, Plateia Aristotelous, Palace of Galerius, Modiano Market, Macedonia Museum of Contemporary Art, Church of Nikolaos Orfanos, Monastiri Ton Synagogue, Experimental Center for the Arts, Noesis, Yeni Hammam, and the Ataturk House.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]