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Top Attractions & Experiences in Chania

Top Attractions & Experiences in Chania


Chania is one of the most characteristic cities in Greece, home to some gorgeous old towns while standing strong with a multicultural identity. Its romantic and beautiful alleys simply add to the spectacular views. When looking to explore Chania we suggest you start out on the list, cover each point as you go.


Walking Around The Picturesque Alleys

Chania old towns bring you mazes that are paved with colorful pathways, each one leading you to a new adventure. As you walk along the lines you will find many local shops, taverns, cafes, bars, and so much more. Giving a homey feel while keeping the magic alive.


Sunset Dinner

Eating out is a luxury, one that you must pick to set the right mood. Head over to the Tabakaria area and find a local restaurant that offers fresh seafood dinners. Imaging sitting on the edge of the sea as you take in some of the most gorgeous views you will ever see while munching on some delicious local delights is unmatched by any large town experience.


Night Out on Daliani Street

When looking to fill your time during the evening, then we suggest you head over to Daliani street and hangout with the locals. You will find people from all age groups, and cultures here. Showing off their love and support for the Greek culture. Once you are done exploring you can head to one of the many restaurants and bars that suit your taste buds and match your budget.


Old Ports Lighthouse

A striking view that stands 21 meters tall is the old port lighthouse. Walk your way over to the lighthouse as you take in some much-needed sea breeze, great views, and some old-time mystique from the building. Creating the ideal place for a relaxed walk, romantic setting, and the best date you will have in Chania.


Splatzia Old Town

An old Turkish neighborhood in Chania old town is a must-visit place for those looking for a sense of history. Transformed in recent years the old town carries vibrant colors and is considered a posh place to hangout. The cafe set in the main square is called 1821 and is named after the year the town revolted against the Turks.


Chana District

Topanas or commonly known as Chana is a Christan aristocrat settlement during the Ottoman era. Its narrow alleys and Venetian buildings make for a romantic setting, especially when taking a stroll back in time.


Alcanea Cafe & Wine Bar

Set on the old port is the Alcanea cafe and wine bar offering you the breakfast of your dreams. Inside a historic boutique hotel is the 18th-century setting where many political figures and celebrities have stayed over the years. A place where you can enjoy a range of breakfast items as you look over the town – taking in its beauty and endless sea views.


Outdoor Cinema

One of the most charming aspects of Chania is the fact that it holds on strong to simple pleasures in life. So why not take on one of these simple pleasures by enjoying a movie in an outdoor cinema.


Apart from the spots and activities listed above, we suggest you take it upon yourself to explore every hidden aspect of the city. Exploring the local culture, traditions, cuisine, and other aspects that allow you to enhance your overall experience.

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