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Things To Do & See in Kalamata, Greece

Things To Do & See in Kalamata, Greece


Kalamata might not be on top of the list but is a hidden gem that you need to uncover when in Greece. Yes, kalamata does not make the party island list, but it has so much more to offer that takes you away from the party zone, and into a historical dive. Not just for history buffs, but what Kalamata has to offer ranges from beautiful beaches, warm and welcoming culture, ancient seaside architecture, and delicious olives spread over thousands of acres. To ensure you make the most of your trip, here are the top things to do and see when in Kalamata, Greece.


The Archeological Museum of Messenia

It’s a well-known fact that Kalamata is a historical city, and offers some rich cultural and historical impacts that might blow you away. To take in all that the city has to offer head over to the museum and be ready to be transported back in time. Here you will find items dating back to prehistoric times, and the Byzantine era. If you are interested in gems you will find a spectacular collection inspired by Greek mythology.


The Old Town of Kalamata

The old town is another top spot that offers a stunning view, endless history, and comes packed with the local culture. A wonderful spot where you will find a great deal to explore, and can even end up doing some good old fashioned shopping. Apart from the ancient walls, unique architecture, and neoclassical structures; you should head to the Church of Ypapanti, the Byzantine Church, and the School of Music.


Open-Air Railway Museum

The railway museum is another great attraction laid under the sun and stars. Here you will find important aspects of Greek society over the years. Keep in mind that it’s a long-distance route from Peloponnese to Athens, and back in the day, they needed a mode of transportation to make the trip. While it started earlier, the complete route was finished during the late 19th century. While you may not need railways to make the trip, you can check out some old fashioned vintage carriages, freight wagons, and even rail cars from back in the day.


Head To The Beach

Just because Kalamata is a historic town does not mean it isn’t blessed with some unreal beauty. Its unimpeded stretches are simply stunning, offering visitors a chance to pull up and take a break at any point. While every spot is gorgeous there are a few spots that truly stand out, these include the Kalamata beach, Beach of Verga, Beach of Almyros, and BEach of Mikri Mantineia.


Attend A Dance Festival

While not famous as a party city, it sure offers various glimpses of a party lifestyle. When you have taken in all that the city has to offer, we suggest you attend a dance festival to hit the refresh button. Kamata international dance festival lasts for 10 days and is a party you shouldn’t miss. Set in motion every July the dance festival pulls in talents from all over Europe. As it offers them a great platform to showcase their talent, take part in workshops, and learn a great deal more about the dance culture in Greece.


Walk Through The Central Market

On a beautiful day, we suggest you head to the Central Market of Kalamata, and enjoy some of the most delicious produce Greece has to offer. Filled with friendly locals and tourists, and popping colors the market offers intense flavors that are true to Greece. Here you can find dishes ranging from spinach pie, spanakopita, and even try some of their wild and fragrant herb mountain tea. Offering you a true Kalamata experience that welcomes you to their local roots.


Indulge in Some Fresh Kalamata Olives

While olives might not be for everyone, but we truly recommend it for those who love a few slices on their salad, sandwich, pizza, pasta, or any other food you may wish to flavor. Olives are the symbol of Kalamata, and to help celebrate their achievement Kalamata offers amazing olive tours. During the tour, you can learn more about how olives are grown, how they are utilized, and how the entire process works. Offering you endless interesting facts to keep you hooked to every word that comes out of the tour guide’s mouth.