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Things To Do & Places To See in Porto Heli

Porto Heli is home to many luxurious villas, mansions, and resorts – surrounded by acres of beautiful olives the city offers simple yet seductive pleasures in life. A cosmopolitan spot in the Peloponnese the city captivates you with its raw beauty and needless charm. Offering you sun-kissed beaches, Mediterranean landscapes and flavors, surreal summer villas, sailing opportunities, and a lively nightlife.


Agio Emilianos

Located a few kilometers from Porto Heli center is Agio Emilanos. Hidden away by lush bushes; the space offers you great views while being home to worlds rich and famous. Here you will find many celebrity homes, while we don’t suggest you stalk them, but we do suggest enjoying its clear warm waters, and isolated sandy beaches.



Ermioni is a small yet tidy sector layered with majestic villages that hide in plain sight. Placed beautifully amidst the Peloponnese landscape to give them a more natural appearance. Here is where the fun happens and offers you great nightlife. From everything from delicious foods served by local taverns, to dancing late into the night. Back in the 5th Century BC, Ermioni was called on for the royal purple derived from the murex sea snail. It was only reserved for royalty and offered a rich and authentic vibe.


Porto Heli

A tidy little harbor that is naturally protected from the wind, making it an attractive spot for yachtsmen. Just across the water, you will find ancient ruins from the city of Alieon. When you arrive at Porto Heli by the port you will instantly take in the restaurants, shops, and hotels that have set their grounds on the bay; offering you all that you need off the bat.


Beaches of Porto Heli

When looking to get some time under the sun, and in the water we suggest you head over to the Ververonta and enjoy clear water, and some spectacular beach bars. Or to Hinitas for some glamorous golden sand, and lush pine trees. Or you can even head to Konoupi, which is considered to be an extension of Agios Emilianos.



Considered to be one of the best-hidden gems of Porto Heli, Kosta is just a short ferry ride away. About 5km from the port where you will find large villas, spectacular views, and a level of privacy that is unbelievably breathtaking. When looking to take a day off we suggest you head to Kosta and explore what the small sector has to offer.



Discover the charm of a small town living by heading over to Kranidi, another hidden gem that is home to neoclassical structures, small streets, stone walls, a floral touch, and some beautiful windmills. Set on the rocky hills the small town is surrounded by lush green pine forests and overlooks some spectacular views.


Kilida Prawns

Located 10kms away from Porto Heli the Kilida village is a hot spot for prawns. Here you will find endless fishing boats heading out to the harbor, creating a chaotic yet beautiful sight for fresh seafood lovers. Imaging every single boat brings back fresh produce that is prepared to match your love for food. While the town offers great choices, we suggest you keep your eyes on the delicious prawns and take on a few different ways of preparation.