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Things To Do in Lefkada

Things To Do in Lefkada


Lefkada is a well known Ionian Island famous for its striking beach, relaxed vibe, deep-rooted culture, and historical aspects. The island is connected to the mainland through a single bridge that makes it a great destination for most travelers, offering them splendid beaches, mind-blowing landscapes, and endless activities to keep you busy. Here are some of the many entertainments the island has to offer.


Porto Katsiki

The exceptionally beautiful beach is a well-known sight that is commonly found on brochures and marketing materials, and for a good reason. The picture does not do the beach justice, as it is unable to capture its exceptionally raw and charming beauty in a single frame. Here you can lay on the beach, get yourself wet in the ocean, or even take on a small trail. Leading you to the top of the hill that offers a view you would never wish to forget.


Monastery of Panagia Faneromeni

Set high on the hill the monastery is a symbol of the Virgin Mary. A spiritually significant spot that was dedicated to the goddess of hunting Artemis. In 63 AD the Apostle Paul sent Herodio, Aquilia, and Sosoiona to spread the word of Jesus, and the sermon was given from this hilltop. Converted into a monastery during the 17th century, but was brutally damaged due to fires. The most recent fire was the one set in 1887, but the monastery still holds.


Nydri Waterfalls

A small hike from the coastal town, offering you a spectacularly beautiful hiking trail and a view that leaves an impact. Taking in the fragrant citrus and olive groves you make your way through the slippery rocks.


Milos Beach

A sandy beach that is hard to reach, offering you the privacy you need. Be prepared to walk a good time, as the car will only take you half the way. The long walk pushes most visitors away and makes for a stunning open view for just a few. Do not expect bars or sun loungers here, as all have is what you will bring.


Archaeological Museum of Lefkada

Most of the ancient discoveries made around the island are safely preserved here, bringing you exhibits from the Middle Palaeolithic age to the Roman times. Currently, a four-room setup, each one of which deals with a different setup. The first one showcases the private and public lives of the Ancient Greeks. The second one is dedicated to fragments of flutes, lyres, and soundboxes discovered over the years. The third room is dedicated to burial items from has urns, sarcophagi, funerary steles, and offerings. While the last room showcases finds by Wilhelm Dörpfeld, a German archeologist.


These are just the beginning, as the island is home to many amazing finds that are more fun to explore rather than reading about them. Once you have spent time taking in all that is listed above we suggest you head to Mikros Gialos, Kathisma Beach, Cape Lefkatas, and other wonders offered by Lefkada. Like every other Greek island, Lefkada is deeply entrusted in historical aspects, while offering you a beach getaway. Depending on which way you are leaning, we suggest you make discoveries that uncover aspects of the island that appeal to you, rather than going around just for the heck of covering the major tourist attractions.