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Taking in Greek Culture Through Top Sights

Greece is blessed when it comes to history, culture, and breathtakingly beautiful sights. Its historical buildings and about 6000 islands ensure you get the best of both worlds. Carrying forward a fascinating culture that has been building its base since Ancient Greece. Offering you natural beauty and fascinating culture, Greece makes for a top destination.


  1. Acropolis of Athens – The Acropolis of Athens identifies the city but is really a symbol of Western civilization. Set on top of the mountain Acropolis is the heart of modern Athens. Originally the acropolis was held up using 58 columns, but over the years we have seen some significant changes. However, the beauty and charm it held back in the 5th century BC still holds strong.


  1. Acropolis Museum – One of the most visited tourist spots in Athens, the Acropolis museum carries a historical experience like no other. Designed by Bernard Tschumi, a Swiss architect who kept the structure light, modern, and airy. Displaying ancient finds taken from the Acropolis of Athens. Here you can find things dating back to the 6th century BC, allowing you to experience the past.


  1. Santorini Island – The most dramatic Greek island, that is best known for its endless beach spots, minimal beauty, and clip-top towns. An island that cuts you away from the world, and wraps you up in endless beauty. Hanging over the deep blue sea, Santorini is full of Greek heritage, culture, and local foods. It does not matter if you wish to take in an authentic Greek experience, or just sunbathe or swim in the ocean.
  2. Meteora Monasteries – One of the most unexpected sides of Greece is the monasteries. The Meteora monasteries are set on top of the plain tall rocks, cutting the place away from the world. This UNESCO World Heritage Site has opened its doors to six monasteries that you can visit. However, getting to the monastery is a task in itself, but once there you can experience the monastery life. Offering you everything from candles, Byzantine frescoes, religious icons, and the scent of incense.
  3. Corfu Island – This UNESCO World Heritage Site is located on the Ionian Sea, found on the west coast. Corfu Town brings a simple yet charming Italianate architecture, as it was ruled by the Venetians for centuries. While taking in its history you can take down the romantic streets, making your way to the 16th-century fortresses and arcaded Liston. Where you can indulge in local treats, and spend a few hours taking in the culture and history of the Town.
  4. Rhodes Town – The largest Dodecanese island, that brings you a car-free walking experience. Explore the town on foot taking in all that it has to offer from gorgeous views, rich culture, and ancient history. Here you will find the monumental towers and gates that were built during the 14th century when the Knights of St. John took control of the island.
  5. Zakynthos – Offering equally beautiful views above and below the sea. Zakynthos, also known as Sante island is a top destination that is located 16 kilometers from Peloponnese. Its pebble and sandy beaches make it a charming choice, paired with a shipwreck beach that is famous around the world. Offering you a blast from the past, while indulging you with sea caves like you have never seen before. Creating a magical experience that offers authentic Greek culture.
  6. Thessaloniki – Set on the sideline of the Aegean Sea, Thessaloniki is found in northern Greece. Salonica is the second biggest city in Greece, and was founded back in 316 BC. its strategic location made Thessaloniki a reliable source. Offering a direct pathway to Turkey and Bulgaria, while opening its doors to various cultures and religions. One of the main attractions in Thessaloniki is the Byzantine churches, and Roman monuments such as the 4th Century Rotunda, Triumphal Arch of Galerius, 15th Century White Worder, and the Byzantine Museum.
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