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Spots To Hit When in Halkidiki, Greece

Spots To Hit When in Halkidiki, Greece


Halkidiki is Greece’s hidden gem, a place that makes you fall in love with natural beauty, ancient sites, delicious foods, and so much more. Offering approximately 3000 miles of coastline covering shallow turquoise waters that reach to an endless point. Paired with lush green pine forests, olive plantations, vineyards, picturesque meadows, and verdant valleys. Even then the reason why most travelers skip Halkidiki is due to the lack of information found online. To help rectify the situation we are going to take you through some of the top spots you can find in Halkidiki.


Beaches of Halkidiki

Offering you a Caribbean touch in the Mediterranean region are its clear water and white sand beaches of Halkidiki. Sani beach is well known for its gorgeous sunsets, as you enjoy a drink of your choice from one of the many beach bars. While Karydu beach offers a more secluded cover and is a great place for families.


Mount Athos

Until and unless you are a man the best way to take in Mount Athos is via boat, as it allows you to admire it from afar and still take in its rich details and spectacular history. Listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1988, the holy mountain dips deep in mystery. While being home to nearly 1500 monks divided into 20 monasteries – the monastery is the same since the 9th century. Even after 1000 years, women are still banned from setting foot on the mount and are only allowed to view it from afar.


Halkidiki Olives

Famous all around the world there is something different about these fresh Halkidiki olives. Served in a number of ways by locals, you finally have a chance to see olive hero endless dishes. These olives are not just delicious but pack many health benefits as well. Rich in Vitamin E they pack anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties.


Blue Lagoon

When looking for a classic island fix you can rent a boat and head to Blue Lagoon for a snorkeling adventure. There is nothing more mesmerizing and relaxing than swimming in clear water with fishes all around you. Taking in the beauty that is hard to reach, but not impossible to experience.



To get to Halkidiki you mostly like to fly to Thessaloniki, take the opportunity to enjoy Greece’s second-largest city. Home to 15 World Heritage sites Thessaloniki offers gorgeous views, history, and a burst of local culture. The city is considered to be a haven for foodies and makes sure you never end up with the short straw. Offering something for everyone, it makes for a wonderful day trip when in Halkidiki.


Intoxicating Views

What makes Halkidiki a great choice is the fact that it allows you to switch off every trouble you have in life, and just take in the beauty that surrounds you. Walking down every street leads you to an opening that will leave you breathless, so prepared to be awe-struck every now and then. We suggest you take on Halkidiki on foot and try to cover as much land as possible. Taking in the blues and greens the way they were meant to be seen.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]