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Places To See in Kalymnos,Greece

Its gorgeous landscape includes mountains, ancient ruins, sandy beaches, and turquoise waters. All that you look for when on a Greek holiday, to ensure you have an experience you never forget we have listed down the top places to see when in Kalymnos.


St Valsamidis

Work of Stavrous Valsamidis a local Kalayminian man who collected amazing items from the ocean floors for 48 years. There are more than 17000 objects found in the space, all of which are registered. Here you will find artifacts from WWII, coats, and even shells. The main focus is set on Middle East collection, clearly a loot. While Stavros has passed away, but his son is keeping the tradition alive, and the museum open


Kalymnian House Museum

Located past St Savvas, the museum features costumes, artifacts, and household goods from the 19th century. Along with furniture that allows you to imagine life on the island during the 20th Century. Run by an English speaking owner who can walk you through various aspects of the museum, while offering you a rich history lesson that adds to your island experience.



One of the best seafood places on the island is offered by Mamouzelos, while prices are on the higher end, but does offer you an experience greater than regular taverns. With fresh catches on the menu, you cannot go wrong with the choices you make. Usually packed with locals and tourists the restaurant is a top choice in Pothia.


Archaeological Museum

A modern archaeological museum that is hidden on the backstreets, near the Pothias waterfront. The effort is worth the beauty the museum has to offer. Apart from the architectural structure, the museum displays ancient artifacts that date back to 5300 BC. Here you can find stunning gold and glassware jewelry pieces that are exceptionally crafted and well preserved. However, the showstopper here is the bronze statue of a woman from the 2nd century BC. found underwater in Kalymnos in 1994, she was brought to the museum.


Nautical & Folklore Museum

A collection found on the central waterfront focusing on the nautical section. Showing off sponge fishing and other fishing tactics used by ancient fishermen and divers. These horrific images come with displays to help you take in the process, and even feel the way the world has shaped itself from then to now.



Don’t let its humdrum blackboard menu scare you away, as the friendly beach tavern has some exceptional flavors to offer. Including varley bread salad, salted mackerel, tuna, and even swordfish souvlaki. The owner of the tavern fishes and even farms to ensure fresh produce. What is interesting is that the place offers hearty English breakfasts as well, along with some summer-inspired dishes that you will love.


Barba Yiannis

Enjoy stunning views from the decked terrace, a reliable spot for authentic Greek dishes such as stifado, and souvlakia. Along with shrimp saganaki, calamari, and swordfish. Additionally, they feature fresh catches or whatever fish they have discovered on their adventures. Bringing you a new flavor with traditional inspired flavors. Serving you well from breakfast to late dinners.


Along with these main spots, you will find the best places and experience are those that you uncover. So go ahead and start walking around the island, we are sure you will find some amazing spots and create unbelieve memories along the way.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]