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11 Athens Restaurants You Absolutely Have To Try

When in Greece you will find that food revolves around every single activity the place has to offer. Inspired and influenced by the Mediterranean and Turkish touch Greece is home to fresh, and delicious foods. If you are a foodie and found yourself in Athens you will be happy to know that the city offers endless choices when it comes to good food. To help you make an easy decision we have narrowed down 11 Athens restaurants you absolutely have to try.


The Old Tavern of Psaras

Also known as the old fisherman’s tavern is one of the oldest restaurants in the city and offers you an experience of its own. Here you will find fresh local-inspired foods, a wide range of old fashioned drinks, and a classic tavern ambiance to go along with your food and drinks.


To Kati Allo

A family-owned tavern located right next to the acropolis museum. Its strategic location makes it an excellent choice, paired with its authentic tavern experience. The tavern offers fresh local produce and celebrates the history of the city by keeping the mood alive, and its historical stance well preserved.


Funky Gourmet

A modern choice when you are looking to indulge in something a bit more creative, and international-inspired. While holding fresh produce as the root, the restaurant offers a wide range of choices that are delicious and prepared to match your standards.



A wonderful choice that is run by a French chef. Offering you the best of both worlds when it comes to flavors and technique. A great choice when looking to indulge in some delicious choices while taking in a sober and modern ambiance.


GOSTIJO Kosher Restaurant

The only kosher restaurant in Athens that specializes in Sephardic Mediterranean and Middle East foods. Offering you an authentic kosher experience that is finely showcased in every dish. The restaurant offers a selective menu that is sure to impress you.



A vegetarian restaurant that offers fresh and delicious choices. It’s hard to find a good vegetarian restaurant in a meat-loving country, but Avocado does a great job when it comes to celebrating local produce and flavors.


Piazza Duomo

A slice here will let you relive your Italian dreams and memories. While you may be a little far from Rome, but the pizza served here holds great taste, and comes with a freshly made crust that holds it all together.



Situated opposite the Divani Caravel Hotel, the restaurant gets great exposure for the view it offers. When in and around the square you can easily head to Oroscopo to enjoy fresh catches celebrated and served with a more modern touch.



A Greek-inspired bistro that offers you a choice between seafood or steak. Offering you the best of both types of meat, as they are prepared in completely different ways to ensure their true flavor and style are met. It’s hard to stop eating at this Michelin star restaurant and is sure to pull you in for meals to come.


Jaipur Place

Sitting close to the Grand Hyatt Hotel the restaurant offers authentic Indian foods. Here you can easily find anything from delicious tandoori inspired foods, fragrant nann, and even fluffy rice. An authentic grilled experience that comes with a touch of spicy.



When looking for authentic Greek dips, olive oils, olives, and cheese there is no better place than Cinque. Order their cheese, bruschetta, panini, or any other seasonal dish that you can easily relate to. Paired with a glass of red, white, or rose wine they have in stock.